tick tock

That is the sound of the clock ticking the moments away, as the dolls quilt swap deadline nears. I’m close, so very close, but at he same time, I’m thinking it will be a tight finish. But it’s worth it, and I am really chuffed with how it’s turning out, so I hope my swap partner likes it.

In other news. I need to buy more bobbins. {please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?}


  1. Cherie says

    I used to do that with my bobbins… but then got my hands on 100 new bobbins… but now I have no where to store 100 bobbins with different coloured threads… perhaps I should go back to the double duty bobbin like you do.

  2. Esther says

    Looking good on the mini quilt, can’t wait to see them all revealed. As for the bobbin thing I think it’s hereditary, you must have got it from my mum :p

  3. says

    Had never seen it before until a friend did it; tried it and it jammed big time so ow I buy new bobbins when I run low (which reminds me, getting short again!) however I have been known to wind colour from one to Other to free up a fresh new bobbin!

    Quilt looking awesome 😉

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