Still life…

Ever since I was young, there was something about the feel of a camera in my hand that spoke to my soul. The ability to create photos that stir emotion, evoke memories, freeze a moment in time, it seemed almost like magic.

And though my current collection of cameras and lenses are a long way from the simple little disposable films cameras I took on school excursions, I sometimes yearn for the nostalgic feel of film. Of the anticipation. Of the soft, grainy aura of a good black and white. And so, with the help of my friend Mr eBay, my collection of film cameras is starting to out-strip my digitals. Next step is gathering vintage cameras as home decor…

(disclaimer:- these images are digital! Film images coming, I have two rolls of film waiting for developing, plus some medium format in progress… if I get anything good, I’ll post it!)

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