13/13 :: the wrap up.

Well, another year over and done with, and a new one stretching ahead. Which means our 13 Books in 2013 challenge is all over red rover. Did everyone have fun? Did you get lots of reading done? I know I did! And it was fabulous. I do have another, different 2014 challenge I’ll be posting about tomorrow, but first I need to take a moment to wind up last year.


1. Anne of Green Gables – LM Montgomery
2. Anne of Avonlea – LM Montgomery
3. The Brethren – John Grisham
4. A Short History of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson
5. The Red Queen – Phillipa Gregory
6. The White Queen – Phillipa Gregory
7. The Book Thief – Markus Zusak (NEW)
8. The Partner – John Grisham
9. PS I Love You – Cecilia Ahern
10. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams
11. Restaurant at the end of the Universe – Douglas Adams
12. Life, The Universe and Everything – Douglas Adams
13. So Long and Thanks for all the Fish – Douglas Adams
14. Mostly Harmless – Douglas Adams
15. Change in Altitude – Anita Shreve (NEW)
16. Change Baby – June Spence (NEW)
17. The Life and Times – via ff.net, Marauders-era HP fanfic (which I feel justified in including – at 577k+ words it’s nearly THREE times longer than the Deathly Hallows) (NEW)
18. Death Comes to Pemberley – PD James (NEW)
19. Unlocked
20. Unveiled
21. Unraveled
22. Unclaimed
23. The Heiress Effect
24. A Kiss for Midwinter
25. The Governess Affair
26. The Duchess War
27. Broken Promises – Dawn Pendleton (NEW)
28. Just One Damned Thing After Another – Jodi Taylor (NEW)
29. Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen
30.Solving for Ex – Leigh Ann Kopans (NEW)
31. Northanger Abbey – Jane Austen (NEW)
32. Unclaimed – Courtney Milan
33. Unraveled – Courtney Milan
34. Unveiled – Courtney Milan

In Progress:
The List of My Desires

Giving me a total to 34 books read, 17 of them re-reads, and 17 of them new-to-me, which I found a good balance. I’m a habitual re-reader, as you can see by the last three titles on my list – we were away camping, and I had no new books, so I burned through a few on my iPad and iPhone (especially handy in the middle of the night with no other source of light. Or source of entertain-me-so-I-stay-awake). I’ve really loved this challenge, and it’s been fabulous to get back in the reading groove.

Our 13/13 reading challengers:

How’d your 2013 reading go? Did you get as much done as you’d hoped?


  1. Kayscha says

    I am a re-reader as well. Congrats on a great reading year! I am going to track my books again in 2014. Happy New Year xxx

  2. says

    I managed 13 new and about 5 re reads that I didn’t count. Thought I read more than that but in my defence I have started a new business in the last 12 months which has eaten into my reading time :)

  3. says

    I am a big rereader, so I think you’re completely justified in having them on the list. After all you get just as much enjoyment (if not more, sometimes) from the rereads as the new ones.
    Couple of things from your list 1) how awesome is Phillipa Gregory? I have at least 10 of her books on my shelf and I regularly reread them. And 2) I completely blame you for getting me into fanfiction. I looked up this “life and times” simply because it was on your list and got hooked. I have now spent more time online reading than I reasonably have time for! Thank you for my latest addiction.
    Happy new year!
    E xx

    • says

      1) I know right? And 2) sorry not sorry. There is some dodgy fanfic out there, but the good stuff is FABULOUS. The amount of fic I’ve read this year would probably equal another 5-10 books (one fic alone is 200k+ words, and I’ve read it more than once!)

      Thanks for playing, and happy new year to you too! xx

  4. says

    41 finished (really need to blog the final wrap post!)
    Included were 6 rereads, 2 classics and 1 Mills and boon 😛

    if i wasnt so caught up in study / facebook Im sure 50 would be doable! This year i will be happy with any number!


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