I’m not to blame.

I swear. Despite what everyone seems to think. Kylie is blaming Car. Car’s blaming me. Me? I’m blaming Skip.

You see. It all started when Skip went bananas on Goodreads, shelving a heap of Pride and Prejudice follow on novels. Which lead to a discussion about the validity of fanfiction as opposed to the source materials. The general consensus seemed to be that well written fan-fic or follow on novels can be as good as the original works. (I haven’t yet read any of the P&P follow ons, but I have read “March”, a novel about the father of L.M. Alcott’s Little Women).

And this, my friends, is where they try and blame me. I simply mentioned that in the wake of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries ending, I had become besotted with a delightful post-series epistolary fic on AO3. (If you loved LBDs take on Pride and Prejudice, go check out this fic, it is wonderful. And read the comments, there is more than one comment fic hidden in there). Then, of course, the resident P&P lover, Skip, jumps on the bandwagon, wanting to know details. Which STILL doesn’t make it my fault, because I posted as far back as January on my Facebook:

So, really. Totally not my fault. But suddenly. Skip was marathoning it. Car joined in. Then Alley Cat. And Bee. And Esther.

So. Now, Kylie is blaming Car and Car is blaming me for a new challenge. And this isn’t JUST  a challenge – it is a multi layered challenge!! All versions run from now until August 31, 2013

THE BASIC “I’M A TOTAL WIMP” VERSION: Read Pride and Prejudice {affliate link}

THE EXTENDED  VERSION : Read Pride and Prejudice, and watch the Lizzie Bennet Diaries (official site). Don’t forget to check the website for the transmedia too, they’ve storifyed the characters twitter convos, and some of them are AWESOME! You might also be interested in checking out this list from Darceny.com which matches up episodes with the book.

THE SUPER DELUXE, I’M A SUCKER FOR SOME MR DARCY, EDITION: The book, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries marathon, AND the movie (or BBC mini series, if you are a Wet Shirt Colin Firth type).

I’m a Mr Darcy fangirl, so I am definitely going the SUPER DELUXE edition. So. Thanks to Kylie throwing down the gauntlet – I think it’s safe to say, it’s a case of:

Keen to join in? Go comment on Kylie’s post!!


  1. says

    Woohoo!!! And your post about it is so much more fun than mine! Do you do buttons?? Can you do a P&P challenge button?? Huh, huh, can ya, plllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  2. says

    Hey I can add another thing to your challenge (which funny enough I watched before you ladies started talking about LBD last week) Watch Becoming Jane as well, really good mobvie

    • says

      I don’t know whether that counts, really, if you haven’t read and watched in the time frame of the challenge?

      Did you love LBD? And now with your new degree, you are like my very own Lizzie. Should we order some honey walnut shrimp?

  3. says

    yes, I wondered whether I was outside the spirit of the challenge. Can’t see myself reading/watching again. I am about to do a unit of children’s literature so will be getting stuck into some young adult stuff. Yes, loved it. Watched it while I was washing up, watched it while I was ‘having a rest from studying’, watched it while I was listening to home readers… yes, obsessively watched it.

    oooh! Maybe…especially if what turns up is as delicious as it was for Lizzy!

    • says

      Oh alright, I’ll let you through then (but did you know there is a YA version of P&P? Apparently in the current Scholastic catties). I adore LBD, I even joined Tumblr so I could reblog all the pretty Dizzie gifs. And I read a stack of fanfic. Mr Dove passes his sympathies to Mr Heather for the contagion that is LBD addiction. We won’t talk about how many times I’ve watched ep 98…

      • says

        Yes! So much! Ergo the staying up for ridiculous hours to watch it. I’m going to have to watch the Lydia Bennet now I think – and then get started on Welcome to Sanditon! Hopefully neither will take over my life in the same way as there aren’t as many videos…Have you watched either of those yet?

        • says

          I wasn’t enamoured of the Lydia videos, so watched very few of them – I think I was one of the few in the fandom that wasn’t a huge Lydia fan.

          I’ve been watching Sanditon, but I’m finding it isn’t as compelling as Lizzie. TBH, I’m really just watching in hopes of a Darcy cameo…

          • says

            I can’t remember Sanditon very clearly from where I read it. I know it was either that or The Watsons that I really wanted to know what the end of the story would be. Do you know if they’re planning on finishing up the story for Sanditon or are they just doing what was written?

          • says

            I’m not sure – it’s only a mini series to keep momentum until the next full series starts (July?).

            From what I understand, they are weaving some original plot with the town/characters created by Austen, with Charlotte being replaced by Gigi. It does seem to come across at times as more of a transmedia/role playing experiment rather than a storytelling series, so it will be interesting to see where they take it.

          • says

            Ah that’s quite cool! I did a roleplaying production once where all the story was played out through Facebook – it was really interesting and fun to do! I’ll make sure I reread Sanditon first. Whats the next full series? I think I read Jane Eyre somewhere but not sure if that’s the same company…

          • says

            Jane Eyre is in progress, but not by the same people. The next Pemberley Digital adaptation is yet to be announced. Lots of speculation, but nothing concrete yet.

          • says

            Ah right. Not sure if I’ll watch Jane Eyre as I wasn’t a huge fan of the book(I disliked that the happy ending came about because someone got burned to death) Very excited to see what the next one will be! Mansfield Park would be good, as I’ve yet to see a good adaptation. Emma is my favourite Austen, but a modernised version has already been done with Clueless!


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