long overdue.

Butterfly was napping, Boy2 was curled up with a book resting and so I sneaked into the studio and pulled a photo from the pile. One of Miss Butterfly, her collection of scrapbooked pages sadly lacking. Generally, I prefer to scrap with 5×7″ photos, but I had the itch, and a smaller photo was better than not doing anything at all. I rummaged through my stash, and was shocked to find I had no girly papers at all. Yep, it had been that long since I’ve scrapped.


I very nearly walked away at that point, but then recognised it for the creative challenge it was. I added a scalloped cardstock, find some little stick on pearls and got cutting. Like my writing this morning, it felt a bit rusty, but I’m happy enough with the end result. Luckily my scrapping style is quite simple and flexible! I also added a little stamped design from yesterday in versamark ink to add a wee bit more detail.


And I’m so glad I did, I love this photo of my little girl. She’s maybe 16 months old in this shot, and looking at it, I swear I can hear her giggles as I push her higher and higher.




Today’s been a lazy kind of Friday, snuggling with my babies, a bit of crochet, this little page. Some playing dinosaurs, a card game or two, lots of stories. I have a few eggs that need to be used today, so I’m thinking there’s baking on the cards for the afternoon. If I can rustle up the mojo. The weekend’s almost here, and I’m in go-slow mode already. Lucky my to-do list is empty today, isn’t it?


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    Good on you for diving back into your scrapbooking project! I know I get overwhelmed by projects when I leave them for a while, but always feel so good for getting hooked back in, even if it’s only for a short while.
    You must be pleased with your results, they are gorgeous!

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