an impromptu sew-a-long.

So somehow I got sucked into this. Blame AJ. ALL HER FAULT. Never mind I’m almost as bad as Car when it comes to being unable to resist a challenge!

It started simply enough. AJ posted a link to the super cute dress pattern below. It was so pretty, and I thought the pleated skirt would make it a perfect addition to my winter wardrobe. So, when I was at the fabric shop buying supplies for a costume for Bear’s first dress up day of the school year, I grabbed the pattern, and them hit up two of my favourite Aussie fabric websites – Kelani and Bloom.


The Bodice :: Bella 100% Cotton in Steel
The Waistband :: Stella Solids in Deep Pink
The Skirt :: Stenzo jersey knit

And yes, I can hear the eye-rolling from here. I *know* it’s not a knit pattern. But I’m hoping with some careful sewing, it will still work. Then, between the knit fabric and the room with the pleats, there may just be enough room for my growing tummy this winter.

That’s the theory, anyway. Now, to just dig out the pattern pieces I need and work out how much of each fabric, ready to get hooked in. And yes, I’m allowed to get the pattern out, because AJ did it first. So it’s all her fault. (and no, mum, if AJ jumped off a cliff, I wouldn’t follow her. But opening a pattern can’t be THAT bad, right?)


  1. says

    What do you mean ALMOST as bad… I would think AS BAD would be more true 😛

    Looks like a great dress. So say someone else wanted in on this challenge (we won’t mention any names) how much fabric would one need?

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