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…me made may week two…

…me made may week two…

Another week down! It’s interesting to me how different I am finding this year’s project compared to last year’s. Possibly, a full year of wearing me made as a default means the novelty has worn off. After all, what’s the point of a daily selfie when I’m not wearing anything out of the ordinary?

I also feel very different about my outfits this year. I’ve popped a couple of things on that I loved last year, and absolutely hated it – my green corduroy pinafore comes to mind. I was going to wear it last week to an art excursion, and really wasn’t feeling it…even before I found a hole in the stockings I like to pair it with.

I think there’s a certain element of pandemic languishing involved, to be honest. Last May, I had a lot going on – my grandfather died, our house went under contract – but it was all general life stuff, and the delta wave hadn’t yet really dug it’s claws in. Out here in the sticks, it was life as normal. No masks, no lockdowns, no QR codes. The hard stuff was hard, for sure, but it was hard in the way we expect life to be hard, the way it was in The Before. This May, we’ve had the delta wave and the omicron wave and a societal wide shoulder shrug and pretence that it’s over, and oh look, here comes a flu epidemic and monkey pox. 2022 is tiring, in a way 2021 wasn’t. And I think that’s coming out in my response to this project. Whats the point of sharing the same three outfits over and over, since we don’t really go anywhere? I haven’t even cracked out my beloved vintage coat dress this year! I also don’t bother to curl my hair nicely this year, it’s messy buns all the way, which also impacts the overall outfit when we do go out.

The garments of the last two weeks are the usual rotation – various takes on the Plantain Tee, Avery leggings, hoodies, gingerbread sweater, self drafted skirt, verity hope smock and sagebrush top. Maybe I need a challenge in a challenge to finish out the last couple of days strong. I washed a couple of lengths of fabric yesterday, one for some more leggings, one for a Coco dress. I wonder if I can get one of those cut and sewn up today and tomorrow, so I have at least one new garment to mark this years challenge? Let’s see if I can kick this Monday funk to the curb. Someone pass my pattern weights…

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