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…party plans…

…party plans…

As we emerge from winter and delta and restrictions, my mind is turning to spring events we have lined up. One that I’m super excited about is the wedding of a dear friend from school. It’s been a couple of years since we have been to a wedding, and I’m sorely lacking in party dresses, especially ones suitable for a semi-formal dress code. And what else is a garment-sewing-obsessed crafter to do, but…make it myself?

I will confess I’ve wavered on making vs buying since the invitation arrived. I’d almost settled on buying, and then the covid roadmap came out and I would have a grand total of 12 days between my second vaccination and the wedding to shop, decide, alter, and hope I didn’t need a back up plan. I considered buying online – and then Friday night’s designer deadstock drop happened over at Pitt Trading, and, well…

Look at this prettiness!! It was the embroidered tulle that caught my eye first, and thankfully I was also able to source the pewter satin in the same order. I originally planned a fit-and-flare style dress, but as cute as they look, the circle skirt style never quite suits me. Then I found a similar, vintage inspired style, but with a pleated skirt instead of a circle skirt. The pleats add a bit of extra shape and I find they tend to work better for me.

The cool pewter should work nicely with the darker parts of the embroidery, and then I’m hoping the paler parts will tone in with a pair of high heels I already have. If that theory works out, then I’m thinking I will try and source a matching ribbon for the waist tie of the dress to pull it all together. Then all I need to worry about is jewellery…I wonder what I hav in mu bead stash in a pewter colour??

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