To market, to market…

but first, I’ll need a bag! More than once, I’ve had my basket/pram/toddler laden with items at the hops, only to come to the checkout to find that store has gone “bagless”. No biggie, one of the benefits of a tandem pram is oodles of room. But, thinking of my mum & sister, not every has an excessively large pram with which to transport their latest sacrifice to the gods of conspicuous consumption. And so, with a tenuous link, and not a small amount of looking for a sewing project, I decided to make them each a shopping bag (tutorial here).



And to make life easy, it folds up on itself so it fits in a handbag



SO today is all about finishing unfinished things. A bag for my sister. A Thomas quilt for the toddler. Some flowers to embellish some crochet mittens. Some paperwork for year end, five hundred loads of washing, and plenty of fun. I’m rockin’ this Monday – let’s do this!

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