…rainbow clutch…

There’s a certain form of conversation that one has with one’s creative enablers, that balances on a knife edge. It could fall either way, but chances are something (or, knowing me, someONE), is likely to get cut… Now that we are out of the baby & toddler stage, I no longer need to cart a heap of stuff with us […]

…beating the heat with a new project…

I’m not one for sitting down and doing nothing with empty hands. Even when reading I will often prop my kindle up beside me so I can crochet or knit as I read. Road trips are less a way to get where we are going, than a chance to sit and work on a project (or three) uninterrupted for a […]

dancing on a rainbow

With the various bits that a small ballerina needs stuffed into my already-full-to-the-brim nappy bag, the weekly trek too and from dance class demanded a more organisation cargo solution, and so I promised Miss Butterfly a ballet bag. “A rainbow one, mummy?” “of course, my love, if you want a rainbow, we’ll make a rainbow.” HA. FAMOUS. LAST. WORDS. The […]

I can sing a rainbow.

Remember a little sneak peek last week? Well, that little peeky belonged to this little birds nest necklace: A rainbow for the colourful Miss Bacoon. One of my quilt camp gifties, I was reluctant to reveal too much, especially the colour, as she is a rainbow girl. The quilts she creates using the whole spectrum of colour are stunning. I […]