be present

Hello school holidays! There will be playdates, there will be roadtrips, there will be craft & stories & moments of everyday magic. I love these precious two weeks when I have all my chickens in the nest (even if it means having Bear hanging over my shoulder pointing out my typos as I blog! At least I’ll know it’s pre-edited, […]

It appears I made up a crochet stitch.

Sitting around at Camp Kayscha, we were all merrily rippling away when I noticed something. Mine had not only the ripple design across the blanket, but it also has a wave from front to back. Everyone else’s lay beautifully flat. Mine was textured. You can see Car’s finished blanket here – look how lovely and flat it is. In comparison, […]

So now I vlog as well it seems.

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but on the first Saturday of each month, I blog over at And Sew We Craft. Last month, I used it as an excuse to give gelli plate printing a try, and figured I could have a bit of fun with it, and I ended up making a video as part of that post. […]

bloggers boogie :: how embarrasment.

So there’s been some discussion out and around about music from our teen era. So I guess this is the spot where I ‘fess up to some of my teenage listening habits, some more cringe-worthy than others. Oh dear. THE IDEA: Blog up to five songs. Any theme. Any reason. Doesn’t matter. You decide. Or if you have done a […]

Bloggers Boogie {blog party}

Hellllooooo Saturday, how are you old friend? It’s cold and wet and icky-winter-has-arrived-kind-of-weather here today, the perfect day to hide in the studio and get my craft on, especially with the children having disappeared to the grandparents for the night. If you missed last weeks boogie, hop over to Car and Bee, or check out my list as well. And […]