Visual Dare #25 :: Forgotten

{image source} The hand on his leg was comforting. Few words had passed between them since they’d gotten back in the car, but the silence has eased, companionable instead of tense. The shadows growing longer, their destination closer. Look for the rusty truck, they’d said. And there is was. Surrounded by long grass, abandoned and slowly disappearing into the landscape. […]

table for one :: visual dare #17

  The crowds rushed past the tables spilling onto the sidewalk, and then, the rush slowed, and the passengers from the train just arrived had all moved on. At the back of the group, backpack over her shoulder, Lauren stopped, and dumped her heavy pack on the ground. She shooed away the pigeon hoping for some scraps, and pulled out […]

Bells in the Rain :: Visual Dare #16

Two weeks since he’d last called. She jumped every time her phone rang, or beeped. The butterflies in her tummy grew stronger with each Facebook notification. But it was never him. Surely the end couldn’t be that undramatic? No big fight, no harsh words, just drifting. Days that go by, and it becomes harder to call than to just leave […]