Delightful Digger

On our daily meandering to the mail box one day last week, we heard a dull roar. “Gar truck?” Asked the small one. “No, sweetie, no garbage truck today” says I. “Fire truck, mummy?”, sniff sniff, “nope, I don’t think so, baby”. “Um, pet-ril truck?”, “I’m not sure, I don’t think so”.

Having exhausted his repetoire of trucks, we decided to go for a wander, and what should we find, but a bobcat! “Digger, mummy, Digger!!” (And yes, it was a digger with a capital D according to the boy, quite excited he was!).

So guess what we did for craft that afternoon? Yep, a digger!



Made from the ever-versatile egg carton, two pipecleaners, and a plastic cup (oh, and a little man appropriated from the duplo set to drive it, of course). It’s very cute to hear the toddler digging up his train tracks – “brrm, brrm, dig, beep, beep, brrm, ooo, crash!”, Another 20 minutes well spent!


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    Is there no end to your talents? We tried a collage today with glue and coloured paper… still trying to get over the ‘don’t eat it darling’ to actually make anything worthwhile showing off 😉

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