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It’s been an odd-ball sort of week, crafting wise. I’ve been doing odds and sods, some secret squirrel projects for swaps and camp, and a bit of happy mail. I’ve started another colour on my crochet blanket but have been lacking the mojo to keep going with it of a night. Same story with my hand quilting – it’s right there next to me…zero mojo.

I have started a new no-set-outcome project, as part of my morning routine. I will share more on this project next week, but it’s basically using the rhythmic punch-pull of embroidery as a mindfulness exercise, and one that I’m really enjoying.

At the same time, with not much current stuff to show, I worry that you all are getting bored with my back-catalogue of projects that I enjoyed making but didn’t share at the time for one reason or another, so I don’t want to swamp the blog with those every single day.

And then, I am looking through my archives, looking for specific posts to link to, and then finding fun stuff to read, and I enjoy how conversational it felt back in the day. Maybe it’s the instagram effect? All that off-the-cuff type of chatter now goes on instagram posts?

Maybe I just need to stop overthinking it, and go make something? And then blog it? What a novel concept…

After a big morning of chores and houseworking, I’m now holed up in my craft room trying to get through my list of stuff that is well and truly due to get done. I’m hoping to head out to the farm this afternoon, but it keeps threatening rain, so I’m trying to keep an eye on that and work out a plan of attack, after last weekend’s caravan moving efforts have left us temporarily without a comfortable place to pop in under cover. So while I wait, I craft.

On a farmish note, after all that rambling, I shall leave you with a fun photo of some design & prettifying I did of our harvested asparagus. I’m pretty sure Mr Barefoot thought my offer to bundle up the asparagus involved rubber bands. I thought brown paper tied with twine was a much better alternative. Then once I had them made up, they looked kind of bereft without a label, so I lettered up our property name, scanned it, tidied it up, and voila, super fancy asparagus bundles. Honestly, if he doesn’t know I will take any opportunity to overcraft something, then he really doesn’t know me at all…

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