…sunrise at mulligans…


A hot coffee in hand, I sat at the kitchen table, soaking in the rare silence of a house currently empty of small people. In front of me lay my daybook with a pre-Christmas to-do list a mile long. Top of the list was groceries, and new sheets to make up beds for our impending house guests. If I went early, my logic said, I would beat the crowds and be back in time to get hooked into the rest of the day and have plenty of time to start prepping food and cleaning rooms and washing said new sheets.

With the groceries out of the way, I snuck into Target. Super quick, said I. Sheets and out. Then…then I spied a very cute teal cushion. And a grey one. So then I had a teeny tiny wander through the bedding aisle, and next minute, I’m texting the husband to ask what kind of care factor he held about our doona cover. In his eternal wisdom, he didn’t check his messages, so I did what any self-respecting woman left unsupervised in Target would do. I texted my number one enablers. They, of course, completely agreed that I needed a new doona cover and the cushions, and maybe a throw? And sheets to match. So by the time Mr Barefoot read his messages, I was already at the checkout with our impromptu bedroom redecoration well underway…

Home, and instead of making up the guest rooms and cleaning bathrooms and the like, I did the completely sensible thing and ignored my to-do list in favour of setting up the bedroom.  Then, of course, my list got longer. Back to target for the european pillows and cases, and then the ponderance of how to finish it off. In my defence, I did manage to resist the lure of the oversized mint clock…

One thing I really wanted to do to set it off, was a canvas above the bed in the colours of the new bedding. But then Christmas came and then after that came the craft room renovations that blew out from a three-day carpet rip up, to a month long refloor and repaint overhaul. But finally, finally, last week I managed to get into the craft room, and get messy with some pretty paint.
blog-1-2With the teals & mints & greys of the bedding as my base colour pallette, I was reminded of the rainforest where we love camping, and used that as my inspiration as I messed about with blocks of colour. The dark grey of the valley floor still clinging to the cool of the night. The white of the sunrise peeking over and between the mountains. The greens of the gum trees waving in the soft morning breeze. Sunrise, at Mulligans. I’m going to take his request to turn it into a set of three as a sign that he likes it?


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