Alone in the crowd

She sits in the corner booth, watching her friends on the dance floor, but all she can think of is the past. Sipping her drink, visions of the times they’d dance together haunt her, and the loneliness almost brings her to tears.


{photo source – image used under creative commons licence}


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      *blush* you are too kind! Between you and Angie I’m feeling the pressure! I’m hoping to start blogging some writing on a semi-regular basis, I will add it to my calendar so I’m forced to do it!

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      Thank you for your kind words – I would say I’m glad I’ve hit the right note with this, but that doesn’t seem appropriate in this case, so I’ll just say it’s gratifying to evoke a response :)

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    Being ‘lonely’ when you’re not actually alone is sometimes worse than actually being alone….alone in the crowd certainly captures that.

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