Five Sentence Fiction :: Blades

{image via Lillie McFerrin}

Roused by the smell of coffee, Lauren slowly rolled over in the now empty bed, and decided the promise of coffee was enough temptation to finally abandon sleep. Paul sat out on the deck, his back to her, seemingly lost in thought as he stared out at the landscape that, on first inspection, looked empty, but gradually revealed it’s secret beauty. Grabbing her robe to prtect against the desert’s early morning chill, Lauren eased herself into the empty chair, the steam still rising off the coffee waiting for her. She smiled at him as they sat side by side, still silent, sipping their coffee and watching the sun glisten on the dewdrops still clinging to the blades of grass in front of them. Maybe this weekend might turn out alright after all, and maybe, just maybe, it might make things between them right again.


Another 149 words for Lauren and Paul for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction {prompt – Blades}. It comes just before last week’s FSF – I’ve also added it to the story page if you want to catch up on the L&P story so far.


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    Sharing fresh coffee on the deck, as well as a view of dew on the grass and the desert’s morning chill, all sound like a good start to rebuilding a broken relationship but that smile? That is the biggest clue that maybe, just maybe, things will work out for the two of them… Nice job!

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