Five Sentence Fiction :: Sombrero


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Bare to the sun, Madelyn’s shoulders felt every last drop of the heat that melted the Mexican summer air. Looking for respite, she ducked into the closest shop as the sign flicked from closed to open, the traditional siesta break over, and found herself staring at a rack of hats. Laughing, she plucked an oversized sombrero off the pile, and passed a crumpled note to the shop assistant, and braving the outside heat once more, twirled happily as she made her way up the almost-empty street. Another tourist brushed past her, and she grabbed his arm, pulling him closer to her, as Chad looked down at her in surprise, before grinning at her. “Nice hat babe, knew I shouldn’t have let you loose by yourself already”.


Joining in the first birthday celebrations for Five Sentence Fiction hosted by the lovely Lillie McFerrin. I chose the prompt word “Sombrero” for this little flash, you can find all the words from the past year here if you want to join in this weeks challenge!


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    What a fun read! I could so easily visualize Madelyn’s delight with her newly chosen headwear, and can relate well to the relentless heat that would send her in search of cover. Great post!

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