Trifextra :: week 100

The first time I saw him, the next day, he was yet to wake. Eyes closed, his face still. I felt his peace, and lay close by. I held his hand, took a breath and slept as well.


Adding 33 single syllable words to the prompt “The first time I saw…” for this week’s Trifextra challenge. This is a first person take on a scene I’ve been working on as part of my Holiday Wordchain. It took a bit of thinking to twist my words into single syllables while keeping the essence of the scene!


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    I know this is different but, when my daughters were babies and were unable to sleep, one of the techniques I liked to use was to lay down, place my baby on my chest and then, match my breathing to theirs. Once in sync, I would slow my breathing down and relax so that they would feel “my peace”. Sometimes it took awhile but, sooner rather than later, peaceful sleep would come for all. :) I liked your story for how good it was but, also, for the lovely memory you have helped conjure up for me. Thanks. :)

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      Oof. Now I’m a big puddle of mama mush on the floor. I didn’t see it that way until your comment, and now I’m reminiscing about doing the same for my now five year old. Thanks fir stopping by, I’m glad you liked it!

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