VisDare 44 :: Parallel

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She winked at herself in the mirror, pleased with her attempts at styling her hair for tonight’s party. Her smile faltered just a little as her reflected self winked back, a split second later than expected. There is was again, the feeling something wasn’t right, that the self in the mirror wasn’t an exact reflection. Uneasy, she raised her hand up near her face, and watched the reflection follow along. Perhaps it had been a trick of the light, she tried to convince herself, like she did every time, but she didn’t quite believe herself. Everything was fine, normal, nothing wrong with the mirror, but the unease persisted, as she spared the mirror a final glance before slipping out of the room.



122 words for Visual Dare #44 : Parallel. I know the character in my little snippet isn’t quite the young girl in the photo, but this is what came to mind inspired by the idea of a not-quite-mirror-image.


  1. says

    Ooo, very interesting. I wonder what happened next. Did the mirror self continue to play her along a few more times? Or did it reveal itself as something separate? Or perhaps it was really just a trick of light.

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