Visual Dare #25 :: Forgotten

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The hand on his leg was comforting. Few words had passed between them since they’d gotten back in the car, but the silence has eased, companionable instead of tense. The shadows growing longer, their destination closer. Look for the rusty truck, they’d said. And there is was. Surrounded by long grass, abandoned and slowly disappearing into the landscape. “Funny how some people will just ditch things and leave them when they stop working, isn’t it?” Lauren said, but now Paul’s smile seemed less friendly as it had moments before. “Yeah, some people couldn’t be bothered making the effort, I guess.”

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Linking up with Angela at Anonymous Legacy for this weeks Visual Dare. This little snippet sits between last week’s Ménage Monday and Write4ten installments of the Lauren and Paul story.


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    Lauren and Paul are really having a time of it, aren’t they? I’m amazed that through all these diverse challenges, you’ve been able to keep a steady character and story theme. These characters are obviously very clear in your mind. I love that :))

    I’m a bit worried with that phrase about Paul’s smile being ‘less friendly’…yikes! I hope that doesn’t mean the situation is about to take a dire turn.

    Well done!

    • says

      Thanks Jo-Anne! Almost from the first episode I had a very clear idea of them and their story – I need to go through and timeline everything for the blog to make it a bit clearer, but I’m loving the development of their story.

      Nothing too dire, just the sadness and frustration he’s feeling at the irony of Lauren’s words about giving up instead of fixing – the trouble with flash is 100 can be hard to fully nuance a situation!

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    I think you nuanced it very well!! You obviously have a pair of dynamic characters with a life of their own – makes me want to go back and read through all their episodes consecutively, so I can get further glimpses into this idea you have bubbling inside you. Great work!!

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    Ooh more tension, I think you are writing the tension Paul feels really well – look forward to the next 100 to get a feel for Lauren and where shes coming from!

    Luff your friend who has finally finished her sobbing and looking forward to next year already :p

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