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…knitted Christmas trees :: advent blogalong day6…

…knitted Christmas trees :: advent blogalong day6…

A few days ago, the kids were playing around with some yarn crafts as part of our advent calender, I was passing yarn back and forth, and a set of needles fell out of the yarn basket along with a particularly tangled ball of red yarn (my kids’ yarn basket is, shall we say, less than ideally organised?), which was enough to trigger an idea of a memory of a plan that had fallen through the cracks of advent activity planning (why are there only 24 days of advent when I have approximately 89 crafts to do?). I grabbed the spare end of the green yarn, and got busy. My first attempt at the Christmas tree in my mind wasn’t quite the right kind of triangle, but with a change of needles and a tweak to my pattern, it worked second time round.

easy knitted christmas tree with free pattern

To make your own:

8ply acrylic on 4mm needles

Cast on 20 stitches

Row1: knit
Row2: knit until two stitches remain, k2tog
Row3: as per row 2
Row4: knit

Repeat until only two stitches remain on the needle. k2tog, and fasten off with a loop for hanging.

cast on 8 stitches in red or brown 8ply
knit to create a square
hand sew onto tree

It’s that easy! Even the kids picked up the pattern quickly! If you make one, I’d love to see your version, just drop a link in the comments!TBC-3042

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