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…well that socks…

At the end of last year, as I raced to tick off as much of my 202020 list as I could, I ordered myself some sock yarn. I started a pair of Fine & Dandy socks, but in the end, failed to get them finished in time to count towards my 2020 tally.

I powered through the first sock, and then set them aside for a bit over the holidays. With a return to school and life, I picked them back up and cast on the second sock. With a better understanding of how the pattern comes together, the second came together a lot faster than the first, until…

I lost yarn chicken pretty spectacularly. I was considering ordering more to get them finished, but I think now I’ve decided to frog the entire project. The finished sock is a bit too long – with the texture of the pattern, I can only turn the heel at certain points, and to avoid stretching the foot too much, I turned too late. If I’d been able to finish both socks with the yarn I had, I would probably live with it, but since I have to make a choice at this point, I think I’m going to choose to quit while I’m ahead.

For a long time, I would’ve shoved them in my WIP box and ignored the problem, but 2020 taught me a lot about my creative process, and learning when a project needs to sit, and when it needs to be let go. Leaving a project I’ll never finish, sitting around taking up valuable storage space and headspace, serves no purpose. I already know the extra length of these socks will annoy me every time I wear them, so frogging it is. I’ll bundle up the yarn and will use it for some basic socks in non-yarn-hungry stockinette stitch.

Today we are still in camping recovery mode, so we’ll have a slow school day. The children have been counting down to Ash Wednesday – my rule is no hot cross buns until today, so we are baking ourselves some this afternoon while the oven is hot for bread baking. I’m making good progress on my latest blanket, so I want to add another couple of colours and photograph that to show off. I need to catch up on my art journal, and decide if my 100 days project is worth rescuing at this point. Add in soup kitchen and kids sport, and my tired self still in camping recovery mode, and bedtime can’t come soon enough. Good thing it’s Wednesday and we’re on the downhill run to the weekend. Coffee, school, craft. That much I can manage. The rest can wait for tomorrow.

  • Car

    Well that socks a lot.
    I’m the meantime you could give them to Dobby 😌

    February 17, 2021 at 12:41 pm Reply

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