on the trolley : June

As the season changes, so too is my trolley, with another big reshuffle and reorganisation. The big change this month is the addition of my spinning wheel. For well over a month now, I’ve been wanting to spin, and I kept putting off the dyeing of the fibres and actually getting stuck in. Part of my procrastination was inspired by […]

on the bookshelf :: May

Tell me you’re a creature of habit without telling me you’re a creature of habit? After breaking my book drought in April, I’ve been on a roll again in May, with a total of 8 books read. Eye Of A Rook (Josephine Taylor) // An interesting novel, exploring relationships, chronic illness + the medical establishment’s dismissal and minimisation of female […]

on the cards :: May

May was a big one, project-wise. I had the wrap up of 100 Days. I was attempting Me Made May (fail) and Messy May (pass). Life was very life-ish – kiddo performances and weekends away and Mothers Day and what felt like three million meetings and EOFY kicking off. If there was a month I was going to fail, this […]

me made fail

The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things; like the season of hardcore Me Made May has come and gone. Another year, and another fail, and I think I can officially admit defeat. Well, not defeat so much, but to accept garment sewing has taken a back burner in the current hyperfixiation rankings; and that’s ok. […]

in the mailbox :: postcard swap

A million years ago, in the heyday of forums and blogging and before algorithms decided the internet for us, swaps were a regular part of my creative calendar. Dolls quilts, and charm squares, and The Creative Exchange, a Hogwarts house swap, mixed media canvases, even penpals and letters, along with our annual SNCA swap. I haven’t done a swap in […]

kindle cover :: 2024 update

Back in 2012, in the lead up to our second quilt camp, I was in full gifty stalker mode and very subtlely slipped into the chat. “Hey Kylie,” I asked, “do you have a kindle? I’m thinking of getting one…”. It wasn’t a total lie, I had kind of thought about the idea of one for a while; I had […]

wrapped in blooms

It was an ordinary Monday morning, when an ordinary ping on my phone had me tapping an ordinary gmail notification – just like I had a million times before – which led to my phone opening an email with news that was anything other than ordinary. After eighteen years, our women’s pastor and my very dear friend was leaving not […]

WIP Wednesday :: Autumnal Easter Egg Scarf

When I first got my spinning wheel, I grabbed a couple of skeins of fibre from Etsy. I was very deliberate in the order I spun them – one was designated “first”, a pretty skein that I liked, but wouldn’t be devestated if it was less like something knittable and more like art yarn. The second was my favourite of […]

me made what?

For the past four years, I’ve participated in Me Made May. A month dedicated to the wearing and making of handmade garments, it’s been a mainstay of my crafting and blogging calendar during the pandemic and tiny house life; a little sliver of connection and some desperately needed scaffolding when the rest of the everything felt far outside my control. […]

on the trolley :: May

When I decided, back in January, to create a monthly series featuring my trolley and way I use it to keep me organised, I expected it to be nothing more than a fun little filler post, giving a bit of a peek behind the curtains, so to speak, without the pressure to show progress on a WIP or a finished […]