key to mummy’s heart :: mothers day craft

Late last year, Beetle Boy decided he was done with forever trailing after his big siblings and just doing whatever activities they were doing. He wanted something just for his own, somewhere to make friends that were someone other than the younger siblings of his own siblings friends. Scouts, we thought, might be a good fit for him. To say […]

me made may week one

It’s interesting to me, how my relationship with and feelings towards, my me made garments changes each year. The corduroy pinafore of day one, for instance, I loved the year I made it. Hated it last year and didn’t wear it at all. Love it again this year and wore it multiple times even before the start of the month […]

on the bookshelf :: April

From 19 books in January, to six a piece in February and March, followed up by a woeful FOUR in April. It’s easy to beat myself up for dropping off after a big start, but I’m trying to remember to look at the bigger picture. Twenty nine books in four months is still a touch over seven a month. It’s […]

Me Made May 2023

My first MMM, I sewed like a possessed woman all month long and filled out my me-made wardrobe. Last year, my second run through, I committed to handmade everything, aside from a handful of allowable exceptions. This year, I’ve noticed myself started to buy ready to wear again, less out of laziness and more out of languishing. MMM is a […]


April came and went and not a single goal was met, or even made! It was a one-foot-in-front-of-the other month, interspersed with flashes of intense joy and contentment. With so much happening, it was always destined to be a go-with-the-flow kind of month, but May is here and with it, a fresh start and new goals! Here’s what I’m working […]

Ms Frizzle

There’s nothing quite like having a decision taken out of your hands, to make it clear what outcome you really want. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you may have read my rather emotional and only-just-conherent editorial, where I let out the stress and worry of a week of cyber gremlins that had me convinced I’d lost this blog – […]

Easter Baskets 2023

Along with most of our belongings, the children’s fabric easter baskets we made a few years back are packed up, buried somewhere in the depths of the shipping container, hidden under layers of books and games and spare blankets and three million crates of lego. For the last three easters, our tradition has instead become a morning of crafting and making, creating […]

on the bookshelf :: March

March, I think I’ve spoken about previously, was The Month Of The Rut. Projects dropped off and are waiting for catch up marathons. My injured ankle led to a whole lot of languishing. It’s been a big month of travel and house jobs and meetings and weekends disappearing in a haze of adulting and outside commitments. Along with my projects, my reading […]

Bingo 2023

Long weekends have long been an excuse within our craft group to dive into challenges and projects and using our bonus time wisely* (*wisely, of course, is a euphemism for craftily). Since 2019, Easter long weekend has meant a super sized challenge known as Creativity Bingo. A four day marathon of crafting, designed to be chock-full of prompts to get […]

my daybook, aka my brain on paper

I am a list maker, a lover of diaries and notebooks and calendars hanging on the wall. I do use my phone somewhat, with each child colour coded and all, but there’s nothing like having my day laid out in front of me to keep me on track.  Over the years I’ve tried a few systems. When the children were […]