And so begins 2009

I slept away the new year, having two small children means sleep is a precious commodity on our house!   2009 promises to be a great year, I can’t wait to see what the year brings. To celebrate the new year, I’m going to try and do a post a day for all of January, with a photo of something. […]

Happy New Year!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog, and for leaving comments – it means a lot to me! Wishing you all a wonderful, happy, healthy, properous & creative 2009!   (And just because I can’t finish a post without a photo, here’s a pic of some bikkies I made the other day – unfortunately, we seem […]

IF: Clandestine (and a late ‘Rambunctious’!)

Dulcie thought behind the grass, in the middle of a novel, was a great place to be clandestine, and observe the goings-on of humans. (To be honest, I don’t think the vintage paper background really works in this case, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to try. Possibly needs a stronger medium to make it work. Oh well, live & […]

A flower from my toddler

hand-picked during a bushwalk yesterday, inspired a little watercolour. (I’m not overly thrilled with how it scanned, it isn’t as washed out in real-life – for instance, the background should be cream instead of white… I think I’ll have to practice with my scanner a bit more.)   I came across this blog the other day, and I just love, […]


I’ve wantd to have a go at some coloured pencil drawings after seeing a few around the place that looked awesome. So during a recent trip to the beach, I visited a great little art shop, and stocked up. Inspired by the beach, I did this quick little sketch:   It’s going to take some time to get used to […]

Gift tags…

So I finished my gift tags, and now I can start wrapping the mountain of presents sitting in my office. I also knocked out a huge whack yesterday, all I have left to buy is a few scratchies, and something for my 3 BIL’s – I hate shopping for men! The gift tags: And I decided to scrap my previous […]

Eeek! 10 days until Christmas!

And someone who shall remain nameless is a tad unorganised! So please forgive my lack of blogging this past week (’cause I know you all have nothing more to do than hang breathlessly of my every post, right? Huh? what? You have a life? Oh. How embarrassing…), but I’ve been a tad busy. I was working, I was Christmas-partying my […]

Santa’s Army

How else is the big man going to get the whole world done? He has an army of clones, of course! And one Santa had a bit of an issue as I was icing his eyes, which I thought made hom look a bit evil, so I just gave him a goatee instead of a full Santa beard – he’s […]

Santa knew it would be a long night…

…when he had only visited one timezone, and he already needed some balloons to help him back up the chimney! For last week’s Illustration Friday (and yes, i knew that it’s Thursday already!).   I’m actually thinking of making this one into a series, so keep an eye out for some more Christmas collages!