Farewell little ones… hello terrible twos!

With just a touch of melancholy on mummy’s behalf, Bear attended what I believe is the last second birthday party in his little circle of friends. I still struggle with the notion that the next round of birthday parties my big boy goes to with be for three-year-olds. Preschoolers.   So in a nod to tradition, I made the birthday […]

Snap snap snappy…

Also known as “The Revenge of the Krispy Kremes”.   The boy was doing his best to create a carpet with the contents of the recycling bin. The final thing he pulled out (after being told several times to leave the recycling where it was, for goodness sake!) was an empty Krispy Kremes box (which appeared to be the latest […]

I’ve been behind…

I know, I’m very sorry, but I’ve been busy working towards   My Brand New Etsy shop!   There’s some art-based stationery there at the minute, and lots more crafty, sewing & arty type of things in the pipeline.

Reading Resolution

Inspired by Ruth, I’m making a resolution to read 50 books this year – just under one a week. With my speed-reading abilities, I should be able to do this, I hope!   1. The Great Gatsby – F Scott Fitzgerald ***1/2 (Fiction, op-shop find) (Jan 09) 2. Fishing for Stars – Bryce Courtney (in progress) (fiction, new purchase) (Jan […]

Psychadelic Softy

Issue #1 – A recent browse through my fav fabric shop ended with me finding the funkiest flannellette that just begged to be turned into something…   Issue #2 – My cousin’s baby shower was rapidly approaching, and she is someone who has everything she needs…   A lightbulb moment, and issue #1 and issue #2 collided, and in an […]

fake it ’til you make it!

I’ve been seeing some very cool Gocco prints around the place, and was particularly inspired by this image. So off I trundled to e.Bay, and spooked myself with some of the prices that the little Gocco machines were going for. Time for the thinking cap, and here’s how it turned out:   Not quite as neat, but that will improve […]

Art Journals

I’ve found myself a few times caught in the throes of an inspiration blitz, and wishing I had some art supplies to do some drawing, scribbling, writing or photography. A few months back, I treated myself to a cool little point and shoot camera that I could leave in the nappy bag, and not have to tote my big SLR […]

Fantastic Friday

Another beautiful day awaits, some much to do, so little time! Our schedule today is pretty laid back, but there’s a fair bit I hope to do. First stop, unfortunately, is the housework. *sigh* The housework fairies appear to take holidays at Christmas time, leaving the work to yours truly. But after that, there’s games to be played, swings to […]