A quick little project

So I am up to my eyeballs in work at the minute, and don’t really have time for crafty stuff. *sob*. But I’ve snuck in a couple of bursts. Some people have smoko, I have craft-o. One of the benefits or working at home for oneself, really. (I am yet to decide if free-range access to the chocolate stash is […]


I’ve got a good excuse this time, promise! I’ve been away on holidays, but I’m back now, with lots to post about.   A week in the sun, at the beach, did wonders for my mojo, and I hit the craft shops in a major way. I ended up scrapping my holiday photos while on holidays, and now have an […]

I know, I know

I am long overdue for a decent post, but I am also long overdue for some decent craft time! Life here has been absolutely crazy lately, and I’ve barely had time for the essentials, let alone crafting, blogging, tweeting & forums! But I’ve managed to squeeze in some reading time… 1. The Great Gatsby – F Scott Fitzgerald (fiction, opshop […]

Just a little something

For far too long now, the five kilos of keys I lug around with me have remained determinedly unadorned. A clip to attach them to my bag passed as a keyring. Devoid of any sign of who may own them, they existed merely as a clump of metal pieces attached, very ad hoc, I may add, by various small rings […]