Reading update

After much procrastinating, I have finally found the surface of my studio desk. With the view out the window grey & bleak, and the gentle thunk of raindrops on the tin roof above me lulling me into a hypnotic state, I’ve dusted off the sewing machine and am ready to create! A shopping bag, a backpack. Some smocks. The Ugly […]

Holiday mini scrapbook

Yep, I’m slack. But I have been working like crazy, and unfortunately, with the amount of work I’ve had, something had to give. And despite wishing the housework would disappear, it didn’t. Leaving my creating and blogging being the only area I could really afford to cut back on.   But, before the proverbial hit the fan, we went on […]

Reading again…

Another wonderful morning of outside fun in the warm winter sunshine is taking it’s toll on two small boys, and I can hear them in their beds, winding down towards nap times. The toddler is contentedly dozing after a lunhc-related tantrum. The baby, standing up in his cot protesting the unfairness of it all.   With the warmer weather has […]

A public service announcement…

If you are making playdough with your toddler, and he starts listing out the ingredients needed as you leave the room to change the baby’s nappy, and then there is a long silence, be afriad, be very afraid.   A certain toddler, who shall remain nameles *cough*Bear*cough* got all excited at the idea of sticky, gooey, tactile playdough. “Bwoo, please […]