Sha wop bop a loo bop

the weekend’s here! I love weekends. Whilst no longer the pinnacle of sleeping-late-lazy-breakfast-reading-newspaper bliss it once was, there is nothing quite like waking to a small child beside the bed, flicking on the tv for some cartoons and all snuggling in for another half hour or so. I did attempt to hid under the covers once and pretend to be […]

Oh Hai Wednesday…

Monday was sucky. Yesterday was marginally better. And today, well, I’m going to rock this Wednesday!   Poor Bear came home from preschool on Monday feeling a tad under the weather. And our darling first born, our cherished son, he struggles, poor chap. What may look like a cold to an outsider, is really a desperately terminal case of man-flu, […]

Spring beckons…

The birds as singing. The tiny buds on the trees are bursting into glorious greenery. The weather is warmer. Our vege patch is producing copious quantities of fruit & vegetables. And with the return of the warmer weather, along comes my mojo! Woo-hoo, I’m back on the wagon, ready for a beautiful, soul-stirring season of creating! I love spring & […]

Been scrappin’

During a recent beach escape, on a warm afternoon, I left two gently snoring boys in the care of their daddy, and made my escape to a favourite little craft shop. I planned to be good, honestly I did, but somehow, I still managed to waltz out the door $75 lighter.   My illicit haul included some very yummy scrapping […]