Farewell 2009

A small voice tickles me elbow as it begs “We make muffins, mummy?”. So out comes the recipe books. “Honey ones, mummy!” “Honey?” “Yes pweese, I like honey. Honey is my FAVOURITE!” Flick, flick, flick. Hmm. “Sweetie, there’s no honey ones. What else would you like?” “Ooo, those ones, pweese. I like chocolate. Chocolate is my FAVOURITE!” The bench is […]

Oh Christmas Tree

Take a toilet roll. Some crepe paper. A couple of bells and pompoms. Add some craft glue and a hyperactive toddler. Mix well, and bake at 37C/85% humidity. Ok, so maybe the craft glue wasn’t my smartest idea ever. And I may have spent more time ensuring Chubba Bubba’s hands stayed *out* of the craft glue than I did using […]

Painting, baking and all that mummy stuff.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my quiltinaday project! It was a lot of fun to make, and the recipient absolutely loves it! The tight deadline as I stitched down the binding was a bit much though!  So after my valiant effort, and my two little boys being very patient, today is all about being creative at a […]


I’m always quite envious of those annoying productive types who seem to punch out a king-sized foundation peiced quilt, then FMQ’d in various colours & layers of complicated designs, and get it all done in the blink of a toddlers nap time.  Plus blog it. With mulitple perfectly staged photos. You know who you are. But yesterday, I made a […]

Yo Sewjo Mojo

Consider yourself warned, Miss Sew-Jo . Miss Clean-Jo Mojo and I have had some quality time, and I’m dreaming big. Can you handle the pressure, Miss Sew-Jo MoJo? Please try to keep up! My desk is clean, my mind is whirring and my fingers are itching. It’s Monday. Less than 2 weeks to Christmas. The lists are piling up. Let’s […]

Still life…

Ever since I was young, there was something about the feel of a camera in my hand that spoke to my soul. The ability to create photos that stir emotion, evoke memories, freeze a moment in time, it seemed almost like magic. And though my current collection of cameras and lenses are a long way from the simple little disposable […]

Wagon, where are you?

So, week two, and I missed Monday. Off the wagon already? Well, yes and no. I had intentions of blogging yesterday, of weaving a tale of magical weekend visits from St Nicholas. Of a happy homey day spent baking biscuits. Christmas tree ones. With green icing. But I didn’t. Instead, yesterday became a day I know I’ll remember forever, yet […]

Entangled in a WIP

I opened my emails to find one of my weekly staples had arrived. I skipped over the various spam emails, the facebook notifications, and eagerly clicked on the Illustration Friday prompt. Entangled. My thoughts immediately sprang to the almost-addicting constant connection that has become accepted and somewhat expected with the advent if the CrackBerry, the iPhone and the iPod Touch […]

Making a list,

checking it twice…. Nope, not Santa. Bear. Of all crafty things, I think cutting and gluing is the number one favourite.  So with an influx of catalogues last week, it was time to make a shopping list! I am somewhat concerned over what he thinks should be included on a shopping list… Today is a quiet homey kind of day. […]