Oh mojo, where art thou?

So I didn’t get the quilt finished. And I have a change mat half done, but I lack the motivation to finish. My studio is a mess, and I’m not quite sure how that happened. So I do what any good creative type would do. I ignored the lot. Rolled out some paper, squirted on some paint, and we went […]

just chillin’

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like a quiet day at home. Playing. Cleaning. Baking. Being. Just what a Monday should be! So I didn’t get the quilt finished. But it turns out the deadline isn’t as tight as I thought it was, so I’ve got a bit of wiggle room. I’m planning a big week of creating this week. A change […]

so this sucks.

Right now, there are two things that suck. The first is my FMQ ability, or lack there of. The second is unpicking said FMQ. I have 24 hours before this quilt needs to be done. Yikes. I should probably be unpicking rather than posting about how sucky the unpicking is, shouldn’t I? Ok. Deep Breath. Let’s do this.

Bargain hunting

I went shopping… What did you find?… I found a roll of paper, for us to unwind… The “I Went Walking” game is a particular favourite, inspired by the book of the same name. I can’t recall the author off-hand, but it’s a beautifully illustrated children’satory we’ve borrowed from the library more than once. Almost every time we go walking, […]


With the sun shining, and two small boy full of energy, there really was no option today, other than to be outdoors. So when Bear asked for “painting, mummy, outside?”, we grabbed the paints, a couple of canvases and found outrselves a nice shady spot to sit and paint. Another two canvases down for our garland, a lesson on mixing […]


As I stand at the sink, bubbles swirling around my arms, I hear the rattle, clink, thunk of two small boys ferreting through the recycling box. A small box hits the floor, maybe the muesli bar box by the sound of it, nothing too substantial. Then comes the double plunk-ding of a soft drink bottle landing cap first on the […]

Thomas goes on holiday

A large parcel is placed in front of an eager little boy. “Cri-mits present for me?”┬áBear pleads. We assure him that the gift is indeed for him, and within seconds, the floor is littered with Christmas paper, rapidly torn from the gift and discarded. His big brown eyes light up with pleasure, and he squeals with delight, “Look, mummy, it’s […]

Little House.

There is one tradition that we have establishes in our little family. As Christmas draws closer, a parcel arrives from a dear friend. The box is quickly placed in prime position in the kitchen, the troops are gathered, and the contents of said box are spread across the counter. Biscuit, check. Lollies, check. Icing, check. And it’s time to get […]

Back to real life…

Two weeks ago, we were waking to a beautiful sunny day. Our first day of holidays, of playing & laughing, reading & cuddling. Then, Christmas came & went. Visting family, catching up with friends. Suddenly it was New Year. And in the blink of an eye, those two weeks seem like two hours, and we are back to real life […]

Comfort food.

4pm. The school bus grinds to a halt at the end of a gravel side-road. The young girls, the last on the bus today, peel themselves from the cracked vinyl of the seats, and slinging backpacks laden with school books over one shoulder, they amble towards the front of the bus and clamber down the steps. Impatiently they wait for […]