coffee break

I came across this tutorial via Car’s blog a while back. My sister has a pretty decent coffee addiction, so I made her a coffee sleeve to match the study portfolio I made for her a while back. Just a random little “just because” type gift. It’s Saturday, and we are all systems go around here. Husband is busy with […]

leaving, on a jet plane…

… don’t know when I’ll be back again! With the Bear beside me, I rummage through the fabric box, searching for the remnants I know are hiding in there. “Are we going to make an aeroplane teddy bear, mummy? A green one? Because green’s my favourite!”, says the excited little voice beside me, as one scrap of fabric, and then […]

organisation central

The hours I spend sitting and feeding my tiny 11-day-old daughter are some of the most special. With two small boys playing at my feet, or bringing stories to read, or happily playing in the toy room, the hours pass in a haze of bonding and adoration. Who cuddles Butterfly next. Who picks the story. What game to play. The […]

sweet & sour

Laden with fruit, the lemon tree begs to be useful. With a basket in one hand, and a small little boy clinging to the other, we answer it’s call. Bare feet cushioned by grass invigorated by unseasonally rainy weather, warm spring sunshine beating on our backs, we fill the basket. One. Two. Three. Traipsing inside, I assume the captains position, […]

It’s a girl!!!

Two days late, and in an awful hurry to arrive, our precious little Butterfly was born last Sunday, weighing in at a petite little 6lb11oz, a mere hour after my first contractions, and less than 20 minutes after arriving at hospital!   Life with three is crazy, but we are slowly finding our feet, and I hope to be back […]


It’s been a while since I’ve done anythign for Illustration Friday, but when the email landed in my inbox a couple of weeks back, a little sketch that had been sitting in the back of my mind seemed the perfect fit. A sign, maybe, to do something about my lack of creativity. So, texta & pencil in hand, I sat […]