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With all three children strapped into their seats, I hop in the drivers seat, and glance up. A white van slows as it makes it’s way down the street. I see the indicator come on, and he pulls up beside me. I jump out, and sure enough, a parcel with my name on it. Hmmm, I think to myself, what […]


Cream cheese icing. Seriously. How on earth have I lived 28 years, and not discovered the deliciousness that is cream cheese icing? We made a carrot cake yesterday, and cake isn’t cake without icing. Oh. My. Goodness. It seemed criminal to waste it by putting it on a cake.   It’snap time & I’m crazy busy. Secret Santa, a couple […]

WIP Wednesday

Way back at the beginning of the year, a dear friend had a little baby. With my usual gusto, I launched into a frenzy of measuring and cutting and sewing, working my way towards a “beach-inspired” changemat/bag. By the time baby was three weeks old, I had the top finished, and ready for snadwiching & quilting. This wouldn’t take long, […]


I went shopping this morning. My mother had the two small children, the four-year-old was a preschool. Perfect, thought I. Off to get some fabric for a Secret Santa swap I really need to get started on. I went with a clear picture in my mind of what I wanted. Big mistake. Neither of the two shops had anything remotely […]

Friday Fiction :: Jar

I have long subscribed to a blog called “One-Minute Writer“, where the idea is to be inspired by the prompt, and write something, anything, in 60 seconds. Fridays, however, are designated “Fiction Friday“, and have no time limit. This week’s Fiction Friday topic was “Jar”. The first thing that came to mind was a door, ajar. Yeah, I know, kind […]


Hello, I’m LittleWhiteDove, and I’m a photo-a-holic. I own two digital SLR cameras, a film SLR, two digital compact cameras, a polaroid camera and a Holga. And don’t get me started on my lens collection. So when we were in Europe, needless to say I took stacks of photos. 1740, to be exact. And that’s deleting the dodgy ones as […]


After nearly two years of both boys having their afternoon naps together, the time came to put a stop to Bear’s nap time. Much to mummy’s disappointment, as I had become quite accustomed to my little slice of ‘me time’ of an afternoon. So to ensure our now non-sleeping boy had the energy to make it to dinner time with […]


The bubbles swirl around my wrists as /i wash up, the children lost in chatter at the table behind me. A little voice pipes up. “Mummy, I know what we can do for craft today – a toaster! And some toast!”   Uh. Ok. Hmm. I head to the craft stash, to find our random-box-that-look-interesting stash is sorely depleted. The […]

tea cake

Miss Butterfly, it seems, is a fussy one.There is something not right about making a new mother choose between chocolate & sleep. But for now, sleep wins. Soon, though, I may re-introduce chocolate, and hope that it doesn’t keep her awake all night. So when we wanted to bake a cake, I wasn’t quite game to attempt our old faithful […]