bento box baby

One of the great things about the Christmas holidays, is having husband home for a couple of weeks. The boys love having outside daddy time, and as such, I’m freed up to get all creative-like while baby girl is sleeping. One of the projects that I finished before New Years, and have just been too slack to blog, is a […]


Master Four taps me on the leg as I stand doing the washing up. “Can we do some craft, please mummy?” he asks. I know exactly the box for the job, and send him off to dig through the recycling box (our favourite source of craft supplies – reduce, reuse, recycle!), and I am just drying my hands as he […]

robot duck

Among the masses of presents the boys received at Christmas, there were two small flat parcels. One might even go so far as to label them unassuming. But inside, was a brilliant little project… rolled paper tubes, and instructions to make:   quack, quack! Today has been a lovely relaxed type of Saturday. Small boy & husband went hardware shopping, […]

get your sunnies…

these shorts are bright! When it comes to play shorts, I grab fabric from the clearance table. They are only for home, and for $1/pair, who cares what colour they are.   Thankfully Bear agrees, and he just loves his bright yellow shorts! (‘Scuse the painting t-shirt, we are mid-reno!)