reduce reuse recycle

I had a tunic top I loved. A soft, light cotton fabric, hot pink in colour, it was my summer staple. Until the elastic gave out, and the shoulders started sagging. It was relegated to the rag bin. Then I had a little girl. And a wave of inspiration. From a sketch, to a pattern, to an outfit, it was […]

it’s a wrap

My biggest little boy has been at preschool a while now, and he loves to take a wrap for his lunch. Every school day, I’d make it and wrap it up in baking paper, and think to myself, I really need to make him a reusable one. So for our craft time last week, we sat down, and Mr 4 […]

Ribbon Board. In Ten Easy Steps.

Step One. Walk into your daughter’s room and stare at the jumble of clips in dismay. Step Two. Go to office, collect disused photo frame, length of ribbon, and piece of suitably hot pink fabric. And masking tape. Step Three. Dump the haul on the kitchen table. Cuddle baby doing a koala impression around legs. Step Four. Open frame and […]

quilt progress

I started on some quilts for the boys. Two jewelled square bed toppers, with matching doona covers. But 6 blocks in, and I was over it. Too fiddly for the quick results I needed. So I ditched that idea, and got cracking on disappearing nine patches. One top just about done, the other should be done this week, and then […]

Nom nom nom

The house explodes with laughter and the clatter of shoes and bags as we arrive home from the preschool pick-up. The fruit platter soon demolished, they are hovering around my legs once more. “We want to do craft, mummy”, Bear announces. “We do crast, mama”, Bubba Boy, his big brother’s eternal shadow, echoes. By 4.30, both my creativity and patience […]

Puppet Show

I am so behind in blogging this, that my little baby girl no longer fits them to model for photos! This is a cute little 000-size version of Olvier + S’s Puppet Show. I espcially love the pretty cord I used in the shorts, so I’m hoping I have enough left for a large, 0-size pair as well *sob*  

I am…

…listening to the sounds of two small boys having their second shower of the day after making mud pies. …smelling a beef casserole in the slow cooker for dinner …busting a move to some Bruno Mars …plotting and planning some crafty stuff. What are you up to this lovely afternoon?