camping out…

The rain was still falling, and the cabin fever was starting to set in. The toyroom thoroughly destroyed , and two small boys were in search of a new adventure, so out come the blankets and sheets, and with the addition of some chairs, a cubby house appears. What I love most about playing with my children, is how they […]

lay wif me, pwease.

Hi. My name is Little White Dove, and I am a quilt addict. Well, more correctly, a blanket addict. As nice and snuggly as doonas are, I just can’t feel warm without the weight of four or five blankets. Growing up, we always had a couple of wool blankets, and a quilt made by my mum, so maybe that is […]


Dear Jane, The final stitch fell into place, and the small child hovering at my elbow jumped excitedly. “Mummy, mummy, you’ve finished! Your Dear Jane is done, and it’s soooo pretty!” It seems my boy and I have had a bit of a mis-communication, but he has become fascinated with the DJ journey, at all of 5 years old. Next […]

dear jane…

Dear Jane,   Your quilt has inspired many. And some of those girls, inspired by you, have in turn inspired me. I wonder what you’d think of my chosen plan for your quilt, to sew it in modern colours, not being 100% faithful to the original? Switching out background for more colour. Keeping the same three colours constant throughout. Yesterday […]


Quilting, on a day that is blistering, and promising to be one of our hottest of the season. Potentially not my smartest idea. Working in my favour? Bamboo batting instead of wool (though any gain there is negated by the flannelette backing), and the size of the quilts – small snuggle lap quilts. I sandwiched them last night, using spray […]

The pile grows.

With the floor clear, and the desk empty, it seemed only fitting I spend a bit of time messing things up again. Those quilts I’d been working on were first in line, and with three small people zonked after a late night, a long nap time gave mummy plenty of time to play. One quilt top has been added to […]