wocka wocka wocka

The list came home. White board markers, tissues, glue sticks. Library bag. “I want a blue one, with a red helicopter, mummy, please?”, and so with that in mind, I headed to the fabric store. blots of fabrics examined, then returned to the shelf. A decision made. I rocked a fabric ban like Car, and just happened to think the […]

tutu cute

She spins around, hands above head, creating her own music “da da dum, da da dum” the little voice tinkles, until she twirls to a stop, one foot pointed to the side. At 16 months, she is too small for ballet lessons, but, inspired by a friend and my little dancer, we had our afternoon craft sorted. The boys slept […]


Fine weather = outside paly = outside crafty things. Busy weekend here, birthday parties, church duties, housework. Playing with my babies and soaking up some rare time with my big school boy. Have a great weekend, back to regular blogging next week 🙂

aussie kids. are weetbix kids.

With Bear at school, Bubba Boy is a bit lost. Late last week, he was wandering around aimlessly, his little face forlorn. “what’s up, sweetheart?”, and he sighs and shrugs. “Are you missing your big brother?” “Yes, mama, I be big school boy too pease?” “when you are five, baby. Want to do some craft?” “oooo, we make a digger […]

baking day.

A little head at each elbow, two grasping hands on my knees. “I do dat, mama?” “can I lick the spoon, please, mummy?” “I has lick of ‘poon too, mama?” “bub bub bub mama, BUB BUB”. The old Kenwood churns away, adding to the cacophony that is baking day. Chocolate cake, biscuits. Maybe a slice if we have time. And […]

nom nom…

It’s been a funny old day. Hot, then stormy, then muggy. Hopefully another storm this afternoon to cool things off again.   Today was going to be a catch up day. After all the rain, I finally found the bottom of the washing basket. Four loads of washing await hanging in the laundry. Except it started raining again. Of course. […]

getting organised.

Last year, preschool mornings were always crazy. Hit-the-ground-running-and-don’t-forget-the-coffee crazy. Especially when one of the mornings saw me out the door at 8.50 for preschool drop-off, then straight round to coffee with my sister, before finally collapsing on the couch at my friend’s house for Bible Study. Four or so hours later, I would walk in the door, the morning done […]

the day before…

Boy Two was at preschool. Little Miss was in bed. For the final time, before my baby became a big boy, it was just me and Boy One. I choked back my melancholy, and asked him what would he like to do. I shouldn’t have had to guess, of course it would be his favourite. A train, for Pooh Bear. […]