my helpers

In our recent renovations, my studio was the only room completely untouched – not even new carpet. For now, I still have the rough, ugly, rental nylon from before we bought our house. I have big plans for this floor. I want to rip up that ugly carpet, sand back the floorboards, and paint them a bright cheery yellow. In […]

mug rug

{mug rug made for Joy in the recent swap} Phew. The end of a busy day is tantalisingly close. Two in bed, one to go. Drop offs, outings, pickups, classes, work, cleaning, cuddling, playing. Little Bear, as expected, has gone down with a bug. Butterfly isn’t far behind. One more jobs and I’m calling it knock off time. Better blogging […]


{photo from last week. An 8.15am announcement that a fancy hat was needed saw a mild panic attack, a quick session with the hot glue and a big dose of “close enough”, and 15 minutes later, we had a “hat”. The things we do for our children.} Friday. The sun is setting. The children are slowly drifting off to bed […]

beetle beetle

For the fifth time that day, I lean in and click the buckle of Butterfly’s car seat together. Repeat for Bubba Boy. Wearily, I pull back, softly push the door shut, and climb in my my seat, buckling my own seatbelt. “Big bridge big bridge big bridge” the chant emerges from the back seat, and we are off on the […]

sweet birdie…

Without thinking, I flicked up the back of the mailbox, and pulled out the envelopes, not really paying attention, distracted by the chatter of a small boy. My thumb sank into a soft envelope, and I stopped, Looked down. A jiffy bag with my name on it. Could it be? Oh yes, yes it was! I ripped it open, and […]

my space

Hello Tuesday. It’s a grumpy, grey, overcast kind of day. My to-do list is a mile long, and time is short. Friends to visit, painting to finish, housework to do, blog posts to prepare. A wee girl to cuddle and tickle and tease. And 3pm will roll around all too soon, nothing will have been done, but my boys will […]

hello baby. or toddler.

The piles on my desk slowly dwindled as I pottered about, moving piles from one side of the studio to the other. Under a pile, old enough to be carbon dated, I find a package. Wrapped in brown paper, covered with pink handprints. I stare at it blankly, confused for a moment, and then recognition dawns, bringing with it a […]

a stitch in time.

Leaning back against the lounge, I relaxed, letting the chatter wash over me. Lazily my gaze swept the room as I listened, half to the conversation, half to the suggestion of commotion outside the door. How long, I wondered, until Butterfly started demanding my presence. Our study done, the talk had turned to admin, and then on to travel. Adventure […]


Every afternoon, the routine is the same. Walk in the door, wrangle with baby on hip as I try to make afternoon without her grabbing the food and/or knife, while chatting to the boys, and cajoling them into getting their chores done. Have you put your shoes away. Have you unpacked your lunch box. Is it in the drawer? Come […]

Little Elves

Come as a fairy or an elf, the invitation said. And so, I walked the streets, looking for an elf costume, or anything vaguely elf like. A fortnight before Halloween, I’ll be sure to find something, I told myself. But no, not a single elf to be found. Which is how I found myself at the fabric shop. The day […]