I love bling. That is all. My reward for finally tidying and reorganising the studio was to sit for for half hour and have a play with some new beads I ordered a few weeks back. Czech fire-polished glass, Japanese glass, Swarovski crystal and some sterling silver beads combined to make my new favourite piece of bling. I was also […]

And. Resume.

After two weeks holiday, including 10 days at the coast, it’s a hard slog waking up and hitting the ground running for preschool this morning. Ten whole days we spent in a gorgeous, sleepy little seaside fishing village, with absolutely nothing to do aside from bike riding, boating and going to the beach. It was bliss. I took a basket […]


Remember me? Please excuse my lack of blogging recently, I have both my big school boy and his daddy home on holidays, so I’ve been busy enjoying them. A bit of crafting has been happening, a Dear Jane block finished and another started, some knitting cast on. Fabric and beads arriving. Pinning some new “one-day” projects. And soaking in the […]

he sews.

For a while now, Bear and Buster Boy have hovered nearby as I create, wanting to join in. Occasionally, they pop up on my knee, and if they are good, maybe operate the reverse lever. But at 5, I felt Bear was big enough to have a go on his own. The morning chores done, I called to him. “Would […]

shake and shake and shake and stop

School holidays are upon us. Lots of singing and dancing and playing and crafting. The recycling bin is no longer a safe haven for tired old bottles. Raiding the fridge for a “cow cheese” left us empty handed save for a sad looking box. I tapped out a little tune on it, showing the small people it was empty…and inspiration […]

Stitch, stitch, stitch…bugger…unpick.

So I had a good run at my Swoon block yesterday. I got to the end, pressed it flat, and despite the imperfections, was please to call it done. Then I looked again. Hang on, something’s not right. Bugger. One corner had not only been stitched in upside down, but the smaller components had also gone in back to front. […]

Holidays, at last

The last day of school is upon us. No more lunch boxes. No more uniforms. No more prodding and cajoling and pushing to get out the door. Two whole weeks of our big boy back with us. As a special treat, I let him have a lunch order for today, much to his delight. But of course, then came the […]

swoon me up, buttercup

It’s all the rage in the quilting world at the minute – Swoon. The mega-block mega quilt. And so when a sew-a-long was suggested in my online quilting group, I thought I’d best check it out for myself. It looked nice, so I bought the pattern, and started playing with fabric combinations. But it makes 24″ blocks. Yowsers. Big blocks […]

hooking along.

Monday was gentle on us. The hint of smoke wafted in on the slowly warming air as we slowly walked to school. Butterfly chatted happily as we wandered downtown. A fabric store trip for a FQ yielded some clearance fabric and some wool blanketing. I’ve an itch to make the wee girl a silk-ribbon-embroidered ted. The first swoon block is […]

Mondayitis? Not me!

What a lovely weekend. Daylight savings finished, and left us with a glorious Sunday sleepin. A productive week meant a relaxing weekend. Saturday started cool, but turned deliciously warm, as only late autumn can, giving us a chance to get stuck into some long overdue gardening. A quick trip to the hardware store, and I had myself some nice new […]