when I’m 70.

I had this ball of gorgeous pink cotton. And my mum’s teeny tiny steel 2.5mm crochet hook. So I went nuts on Ravelry and Pinterest, pinning a heap of crochet doilies. (yeah yeah, I know). The last couple of days, I thought of the perfect use for some pink doilies, so out came the cotton and hook, printed off the […]

the great divide.

The Great Divide. Generally it refers to an east-west divide of the mountain variety. There’s “them”, who live on the coast, and major cities (like the old joke goes, what does NSW stand for? Newcastle, Sydney, Woolongong!). And there’s “us”. The country bumpkin cousins, in the colder, drier higher altitudes. But the great divide that the title of this post […]

getting a groove {blog party}

Saturday afternoon already? That means it’s time for our weekly bloggers boogie! A couple of small changes this week: BLOGGERS: Blog your videos, grab the button, and leave a comment on this post so we can hop along and say hi. Any and all forms of social media pimping welcome. NON-BLOGGERS: Don’t worry, we want you to join the fun […]

rain is falling down.

It’s cold and wet. Winter is definately upon us. I sat down last night to do some work (and some painting shhh…) in my studio, which is located at the bedroom end of the house. The little people were well ensconced on the sleepy train, and in the silence, the light spilling from the studio door into the darkness of […]

lady in red.

It seems a lot of my wardrobe this winter is dark with splashes of red. Red coat. Red shoes. And my new favourite piece of bling is purple. Yeah, smart move. So when I ordered the beads for a commissioned bracelet, I slipped in some cute gem toned Czech glass beads, and some cracked glass beads in blues and reds. […]


  Winter is slowly rolling in. The mornings are cooler, the mornings darker, the afternoons shorter. And lately it feels like summer has taken with it my mojo and energy. I was feeling particularly flat this morning, but with the sun putting up a gallant fight, I decided it was time to fight back. With a little inspiration from Pinterest, […]


So I started the quilt-in-a-day challenge. And given the various demands on my time, I got a fair way in. But then, the quilt sat, and sat and sat. And finally over the weekend, I got the binding attached to not only that mugrug I’ve been blathering on about for weeks, but also the star quilt. Perfect timing now the […]

changing it up.

It’s been a super productive weekend – I have two quilts with binding attached, I got a heap of work out the door, had a blast teaching the preschool class at Sunday School, I got a bracelet made, I hung out with the family. De-LIGHT-full. Today was going to be all about catching up on housework and some admin stuff, […]

get your boogie on {linky party}

I’m in the studio this afternoon, catching up on some photo editing and working on some new fabric designs. I’m hoping to squeeze in some sewing in my breaks from the computer screen. And what would a work session be without some music to bop along to? So I’m kicking off the Saturday Bloggers Boogie a couple of hours early. […]