above :: visual dare #15

Lauren felt her spirits lift as she looked around the bustling promenade. After wandering the globe and hopping country to country, she’d arrived here, and the promenade lined with cafes and boutiques, looking out over the bay was full of activity and happy people, felt welcoming, and so she rented a small flat, not overlooking the water, but within walking […]

5::20 ~ Turkish Delight Slice {including recipe}

OCCASSION: A stroke of genius, really. Just to put it modestly. BRIEF & RATIONALE: I made Mars Bar Slice. I thought it might go well using Turkish Delight instead. SOURCE: My own recipe – see under the picture. EASE OF MAKING: 10/10. Be lazy like me and you’ll only have one bowl and one slice pan to stick in the […]

menage monday

I missed this last weeks deadline for Ménage Monday, but there is always next week for a chance to join in again. I had a play around anyway : Slowly, my eyes flicker open, then slam shut to stop the pain. I groan, trying to make sense of where I am. The smell is strange, sterile, antiseptic. A hospital? But […]

rolling rolling rolling

This pencil roll was a little side project I was puttering along with last week, in amongst everything else. It came about after I got a message via Facebook, asking if I made the rolls to sell, by a lovely UK lady who’d found my blog, and a post where I’d made pencil rolls using this fabric previously. I bought […]

Sunday Snippets :: Olympic Fever edition.

I’ve had a late night watching day one of the Olympics and cheering on the Aussies. Lucky I don’t need to think too hard about today’s post – it’s time again for Sunday Snippets link up with tinniegirl. {I should explain, for the benefit of my northern readers, why a shorts + singlet photo is worthy of inclusion – I’m […]

bloggers boogie :: the desperate housewife edition.

This weeks Boogie is inspired by Skipper, the Domestic Guru herself, who responded to my call last weekend for some of my friends favourite songs. She kicked us off with “Dynamite”, which is my high rotation fave to bust a move while houseworking. And so, here we are, my morning play list. What do you have playing while doing housework? […]

industrial crafting.

For those who’ve been around here for a while, you will know we recently did a pretty major renovation/extension to our house. And while the space is lovely, and we really like the design and layout, I find myself increasingly frustrated. 12 months on, and we are still working through finding the ideal storage solutions for some areas, and tidying […]

4::20 ~ chocolate crackles

OCCASSION: holidays, baybee! BRIEF & RATIONALE: the recipe was on the box of rice bubbles when we made mars bar slice, and the small people nagged, er, suggested I make them. SOURCE: Rice bubble box. EASE OF MAKING: 9/10 CHILD FRIENDLY? Yes (melted ingredients) REALITY V COOKBOOK: 6/10 – all my copha mix seems to sink to the bottom, so […]

wordless wednesday

I am absolutely SLAMMED at the minute, so cheated with a Wordess Wednesday post. These are a set of four little lunch wraps I made as a custom order for a friend, for her two little boys. Two of each fabric, with the inside either blue PUL or brown, and a velcro closure.

P. A. R. T. Y.

Oh yes we will! There was a very special birthday around here over the weekend, one ending with a ZERO. A very wise woman once said, it seems worse to see it in print, so I won’t name the person or the number, except to say she’s a pretty awesome lady, and I love her to the moon and back. […]