bloggers boogie :: been busy edition

I must admit, this is a lazy boogie, I’ve been absolutely slammed this week, and haven’t listened to anything new or exciting. What I have been listening to, is a heap of Train. So, I thought I’d share my fave Train clips from this week. It’s the welcome back from holidays boogie, join the party! HOW IT WORKS: Blog up […]

fly little butterfly

  I gleefully posted up a photo on Facebook, of Butterfly’s vintage-bowling-ball-inspired overnighter that I designed/made, as I do with most things I make. And my notifications EXPLODED. Including a note from a friend – “So cute. I’ll order one in blue and one in green”. O.M.G. “Are you for real?” I asked, as in, wow, someone thinks they are […]

the last day

I adore school holidays. All three of my babies home, and all mine for two whole weeks. And lately, their daddy as well. But Monday saw a return to our normal daily lives. Almost. Boy2 was at preschool, but Bear had a pupil free day. We pottered about and played, Bear and Butterfly found a storage tub that had been […]

LWD goes international.

I’ve been waiting for AGES to show off this little bracelet! I posted up on my Facebook page that I was thinking of making up some bracelets to list in the etsy shop, and Meg mentioned she’d like one for her mum’s birthday. Easy as that. And next thing, I had a little parcel bundled up and winging it’s way […]

Sunday Snippets {the holiday edition}

Far too quickly, the holidays are over, and real life resumes tomorrow. Ho hum. But to ignore that for just a bit longer, I’m joining the Sunday Snippets link up with tinniegirl. All instagram as per usual, ‘cos I’m lazy like that. {NOTE ON COMMENTING :: wordpress, in their infinite wisdom, have changed their systems, and if your email has […]

3::20 ~ cinnamon palmiers

OCCASSION: I was home alone. I was hungry. The cupboard was decidedly lacking in yummy sweet things. BRIEF & RATIONALE: Must be sweet. And easy. As little prep time and clean up as possible. I’m lazy like that. SOURCE: I got the original process from a Woman’s Weekly book called “Sweet Old Fashioned Favourites”. I originally adapted it to work […]

hello mr postman.

The loungeroom was a swirl of paper, as they drew, then cut, then folded and slipped small scraps into my hand. “Mail for you mummy!”. The old brain defrosted enough to start ticking over and I rummaged through the craft box, pulling out a small shoe box. A few quick slices with a craft scalpel, a bit of packing tape, […]

2::20 ~ Mars Bar Slice

OCCASSION: I was hosting craft group. And felt like chocolate. BRIEF & RATIONALE: Chocolate. Something sweet, and preferably a slice that is easy to eat without a lot of mess. SOURCE: EASE OF MAKING: 8/10 – melting of chocolate required. CHILD FRIENDLY? Yes-ish – the melted chocolate can be hot, but with care, the children had a little turn […]