draw me september

On a blog hop the other day, I came across a post by bbeingcool, with a challenge to post a drawing a day during September. She’s even provided prompts and all. And, well, you know how Car and I are when it comes to challenges of the creative variety. So it is on like donkey kong. Aided by the gorgeous […]

visual dare #20 :: cascade

She stared at the falling water, the sounds of people rushing through the streets behind her slowly fading as she became lost in her thoughts. The fatigue slipped away, and she felt happier than she had in weeks. It’s a season, it will pass, she told herself. A hand gently laid on her elbow broke the thoughts, and she lifted […]

let’s go for a walk.

Since he was tiny, Bear’s constant companion has been his Pooh Bear. Sadly, Pooh Bear mk I disappeared, but Pooh Bear mk II is just as dearly loved. Throughout the last few years, many of our craft projects have revolved around making things for Pooh Bear. The one thing we haven’t yet mastered, is a pram for Pooh Bear. Last […]

a bit.

Over on Facebook, the And Sew We Craft crew asked, what have we been crafting? I was kind of glum to admit, not much really. I’ve been away from home for two weekends in a row, so I’m madly playing catch up at home, which means less crafting, and thus blogging. But when I thought about it, it’s less of […]

not your nana’s doilies

So a while back, I posted about my adventures in doily making. Despite my husband think I was ready for the nursing home, I had a grand plan in mind. You see, Butterfly has two big brothers. All three children have their birthdays within 3 weeks of each other. So I have this massive stash of boys clothes in the […]

Bloggers Boogie :: the school reunion edition.

This weekend, I’m having a girl’s weekend at the coast with my girlfriends from school, and so I thought it’d be kind of appropriate to boogie to our year 12 theme songs this week! What songs remind you of the end of school? HOW IT WORKS: Blog up to five songs between Saturday lunchtime and Sunday lunchtime in your local […]

oh my orange…

  A quick little progress post, to show that I have been busy creating, and my life hasn’t been taken over by writing and blogging and gallivanting! Boy2 requested an orange quilt – reckon I’ll meet the brief? I’ve spent the morning laying out these 240 6.5″x2″ strips ready for his quilt, now just to sew them all together! I’m […]


Acrylics and I have a love-hate relationship. I’d love to be able to use them, but I hate that I can’t make them do what I want. I’ve decided once again to tackling, and let go of any preconceived notions of the finished result, and just play and explore. During my play, I was working toward a piece inspired by […]

the CampK wrap-up

What a weekend! I left home in the semi-dark on Friday, and made the 220km trek to the regional airport in good time. I checked in my bag, hit up the kiosk for a cuppa and Facebooked my quilty girls who were also waiting in various airports. Coffee gone, I headed through security, and was somewhat concerned that 20 minutes […]