table for one :: visual dare #17

  The crowds rushed past the tables spilling onto the sidewalk, and then, the rush slowed, and the passengers from the train just arrived had all moved on. At the back of the group, backpack over her shoulder, Lauren stopped, and dumped her heavy pack on the ground. She shooed away the pigeon hoping for some scraps, and pulled out […]

a little gift.

I was pondering my Wordless Wednesday post, when it struck me I hadn’t blogged this, aside from a brief mention in a Sunday Snippets. A surprise delivery from a dear friend, that left me wordless. Yes, I know, hard to do right? But she did it. And I love it SO much, it’s just so me. And best part is […]


With Bear at school, has come the usual flurry of events, including multiple dress-up days. The first one was nursery rhyme day, and the boy wanted to be Humpty Dumpty. Ah-ha, said I, thinking a white bowl on his head, some yellow face paint, and he can be a post-Wall Humpty. Nope. “I want to be a Humpty Dumpty with […]

the dragonfly

I posted a little while ago about a custom Butterfly Overnighter, ordered by a friend after seeing the one I designed and made for my Butterfly. That one was as a gift, to be used as a mummy/nappy bag, and that same friend also ordered an overnighter for her two little boys. I didn’t want to go all ruffly like […]

bloggers boogie ::must clean the studio edition

My studio is a DISASTER at the minute. To the point I’ve been sewing on the dining table, which, of course, means that it too is now a disaster. So my task for today is to get it tidied and operational – and ready for the awesome storage cabinet my day is making me!! Very exciting, so I’m pumping some […]

Inspiration found

{source image created by Lindsay @ pen&paint – she’s super talented, so do yourself a favour and check out her blog} Sometimes, when I craft, whatever project I’m working on is a plodder. I’ll do a bit each day, or do one big burst, then set it aside for a bit, then pick it up again *cough*Dear Jane*cough*. It’s not […]

Bells in the Rain :: Visual Dare #16

Two weeks since he’d last called. She jumped every time her phone rang, or beeped. The butterflies in her tummy grew stronger with each Facebook notification. But it was never him. Surely the end couldn’t be that undramatic? No big fight, no harsh words, just drifting. Days that go by, and it becomes harder to call than to just leave […]

wordless wednesday :: the virtual tour.

After posting my costume storage rack I built last week, I had several requests for a virtual tour of my newly madeover toyroom. I am pleased to report that, for the most part, the new shelves and hanging space are working – I needed to only pick up three toys and one book for these photos – not bad for […]