It’s a rainy kind of boogie.

It’s a miserable old day here, and I thought perfect for pottering in the studio, cleaning and working and blogging and maybe even some sewing. So as I sat down, I started my day, as I usually do, checking a couple of my favourite blogs, and BOTH mentioned Mumford & Sons. Which twigging something in my mind, that, actually, I […]

write4ten :: deck

Friday’s write4ten prompt was “DECK”, and it worked perfectly to round out the scene started with my Menage Monday on Friday post. I know, I know, two writing posts in a row on a craft blog. I have a crafty post lined up ASAP, I promise! I have actually been crafting, yesterday the children were well enough not to need […]

Menage Monday. On Friday.

I missed the cut of by just over an hour *sad face* but I liked the scene that I created anyway, as part of the ongoing Lauren and Paul story. {image via Menage Monday challenge – additional prompts were someone or something being turned to stone, and using the phrase “pieces of”} ~~~ The desert rushed by, the rumble of […]

this is the way we make a mess.

Foot painting has long been a favourite inside activity of ours. The squishiness of paint oozing between your toes, the twist and slide as you hit a bit where the paint is thicker than you thought, the giggles of small boys watching their feet change colour and the paper become covered in foot prints. So when the glorious spring days […]


It’s Tuesday. The realisation of this way quickly followed by a second coffee and an “oh crumbs” kind of moment, when I also realised Tuesday = I Blog on Tuesdays over at Diary of a SAHM. Which left me in a quandary of what to blog. There’s a Ménage Monday entry sitting in my drafts for this week. But bad […]

Visual dare #23 : peeking

Image source The crowd jostled him, as he made his way down the narrow alley. A burst of sunlight, and Tomas found himself in a tiny market square. He let himself be buffeted, carried by the crowd towards the dark opening that was his destination. He detached himself from the crowd and eased down the alley, empty and uninviting. A […]

what a doosh.

{and yes, I know, it’s really douche. All will be made clear, I promise.} It started innocently enough. Well, as much as a Saturday night with the gleesome threesome including the Beesome can be considered innocent. Soon enough though, the bevvies started flowing, and the silliness began. Somehow, a dachshund gained a Scottish accent, became a doosh hound and we […]

This week I…

Yeah, yeah, it’s Sunday, you know the drill. The one with random assortment of instagrams from my week when I link up with both {tinniegirl} for Sunday Snippets, and the tinagray{dot}me “my week according to instagram” blog hop.

decisions, decisions

Sometimes, I make a decision, then when it comes time to actually implement it (ie, fork out the cash), I freeze. I start second guessing myself. I suffer buyers remorse in advance, and then regret that I missed the chance to buy what I wanted, again, in advance of me actually even being in the store in question. My current […]