some down time

With everyone still not feeling quite well, we had a home day again yesterday. We’d already watched enough tv, we didn’t really have enough energy to do “real” craft, or play outside. So I hit up Pinterest, and found some colouring pages that I had pinned. With textas, pencils, crayons for them, Copics for me, we sat together and merrily […]

If I had an aeroplane…

I’m surrounded by sick babies and piles of washing, so I’m flying through very quickly to show you this hat (and a very truculent Bear) that I made, technically as part of Carmel’s sewalong. Which ended a month ago, but anyway. Please ignore the dodgy topstitching, I was in a hurry and machined the crown in place, which left me […]

tick tock

That is the sound of the clock ticking the moments away, as the dolls quilt swap deadline nears. I’m close, so very close, but at he same time, I’m thinking it will be a tight finish. But it’s worth it, and I am really chuffed with how it’s turning out, so I hope my swap partner likes it. In other […]

Bloggers Boogie :: way back when

HOW IT WORKS: Blog up to five songs between Saturday lunchtime and Sunday lunchtime in your local timezone. Any theme. Any reason. Doesn’t matter. You decide. Or if you have done a music post during the week, that’s ok too, join the party as well! Come back and leave a comment to join the fun, or give this linky a […]

long overdue.

Butterfly was napping, Boy2 was curled up with a book resting and so I sneaked into the studio and pulled a photo from the pile. One of Miss Butterfly, her collection of scrapbooked pages sadly lacking. Generally, I prefer to scrap with 5×7″ photos, but I had the itch, and a smaller photo was better than not doing anything at […]

Menage Monday :: week 50

  The pounding of feet on cement echoed around the tunnel, a low rhythm barely audible above the pounding beat coming from the earphones, as she puffed her way through the last leg of her run. The music dipped, paused, and was replaced by the familiar tinkle of her ringtone. Lauren slowed to a jog as she pulled the phone […]

you’ve got owl.

The warmth of the afternoon sun begged for an outside activity. Boy2 begged for craft. Three pieces of paper, four bottles of paint, three sets of fingers. Happiness. Watching contentedly, I pulled out my Copics and a couple of small notecards I’d stamped up this afternoon, and got doodling. I especially love the first one. It was lots of fun […]

Sit and stitch.

Poor little Boy2, he “has a coss” – after a long night of croupy barking, he seemed improved this morning, but by morning tea time, he was getting quite unwell, so I popped a movie on, and with the house in a reasonable state, I grabbed my little embroidery, sat with his feet in my lap, and got stitching. With […]


I pull the doors apart, and step out on the deck, taking the view of the valley. I lean over the side, and as I stare at the slope below, I can almost hear the laughter. In my mind, I can see my husband at the bottom, grinning and calling to a not-quite-two-year-old Bear, as Bear launches himself and runs […]