dear jane.

Dear Jane, I wonder sometimes how your quilt progress looked. Were you a methodical patchworker, doing a bit each night? Did you sew when a pile of scraps took your fancy? Did you stockpile fabric and scraps and wait for inspiration to strike, and do your blocks in groups? It’s been almost six months since I picked up my blocks, […]

Shades of Grey.

As I sit on the lounge of an evening, I pull the slowly forming blanket from the basket, and settle into the now-familiar rhythm. Treble, treble, treble, treble. Two together, and again, and treble once more. Slowly the rows build upon each other, and another band of color joins the rest. Aqua, red, pink, white, green. I started grey a […]

stage one.

It seemed simple enough. A list was made, and printed. The bags were packed. And then like most plans in this journey called motherhood, fate in the form of sick children intervened. My day went from seeing friends and visiting that blue Swedish behemoth, to sitting on the lounge cuddling a small girl drifting in and out of sleep. Which, […]