write4ten :: FEAST

The kitchen smelt like Christmas. That was the only word Paul could think of to describe the wall of air that greeted him as he slipped in the side door, hoping to surprise his family. The heat, the turkey and vegetables in the oven, the hot pork under foil, waiting to be carved. Just as they had been doing for […]

pocket money {+ tutorial}

Our little boys both get pocket money. We don’t link it to chores (at this age), and they get a set amount per week. We are trying to teach them how to wisely deal with money. We require that some goes into their piggy bank (pay yourself first!), some goes as their givings for Sunday School (give back what He […]

one. little. word.

I’ve heard of the concept of One Little Word the last couple of years. Around September, I started thinking about having One Little Word for 2013. I could feel a word tickling the edges of my mind, just out of reach. The outcomes I was hoping for, clearer than the word to describe the path I needed to walk. Then […]

Merry Christmas!

How are we? All recovering nicely? I got just a wee treat in my stocking…   A little mini iron – very cute. And what’s that it’s propped up on, you ask? Oh, only my new awesome-sauce craft cabinet! A full tour next week. The husband is still home on holidays, so I’ve managed a bit of craftiness – like […]

And so this is Christmas…

The last Boogie for the year! Thank so much to everyone who has joined in this year, here’s hoping 2013 is bigger and better and boogier! I’ll be taking the week off next week, and will be back on deck in early January. Merry Christmas everyone!! HOW IT WORKS: Blog up to five songs between Saturday lunchtime and Sunday lunchtime […]

or not…

St Nicholas’ gift for our Butterfly – a little Seedling kit with a decorate-yourself butterfly. Super cute. Less so when you find red glitter glue streaking the dog’s fur. A good idea after all?     A quick post today, as it’s holiday mode and I’m holding my babies close. They are happy playing lego at the minute, so I’m […]


It seems that I can be subtle as a sledgehammer at times. “Hey Kylie, do you have a kindle? I’m thinking of getting one…”, I asked, oh so innocently on Facebook. And she was kind enough to give me a lovely well thought out answer. Then a little message appeared in my inbox. “Hey, are you really thinking of a […]

a useful gift.

We started when Bear was tiny. Every week, I’d strap our 6 month old little boy in the car, make the trip across town and spend half an hour among friends singing and clapping and playing. Then Boy2 arrived, and he attended his first music class at the ripe old age of 2 weeks. Admittedly, he slept most of the […]

Secret Santa 2012

A tinny sound accompanied the vibration of my phone, letting me know I had a new message. The alert on the screen was, once again, cut frustratingly short, as I glanced over it. “You are making for…” WHO?? A swipe, pass code in, and I pulled up Facebook. Nic. I was to make for Nic. I think I may have […]