boy of my heart.

This kid. He kills me, every single day. Six and a half years ago he came screaming into our lives, and changed our world forever. Serious and solemn from the start, his wide brown eyes took everything in. Now, at 6, soon to be seven, he is serious, loving, adorable, sincere and has the wickedest sense of humour. His father […]


One of the nicest things about belonging to the wonderful group of friends that is my online quilting group is the occasional little mailbox surprise. A while back, the very sweet AJ offered me a hat she’d made, that was too big for her little chap, but would fit Boy2. It was a very excited Boy2 who rocked out the […]

13/13 :: Change of Altitude (Anita Shreve) {review}

A Change of Altitude – Anita Shreve (affliate link) Wow. Sitting in a camp chair, looking over the river so still it’s almost glassy, rosellas tweeting and the sun sinking slowly behind the trees, I closed the back cover and took a deep breath. My first thought was of the ending (obviously), which seemed to hang without the resolution I […]

Branching out.

Next week is the start of school holidays here in NSW. After a busy term of running around, I’m very much looking forward to jammie days and lots of chilling with my small people. The three of them play beautifully together, so I’m seeing a few days of being happily ensconced on the daybed as I watch them whizz around […]


feeling a bit better cuddling a sick Boy2 knitting a cowl for me writing some L&P bridging scenes eating far too many lollies avoiding packing away the groceries It’s Friday, the weekend looms with the whispered promise of fun with my favourites. Hurry up Boy2 and get well, we have adventures to chase!

Another challenge!

To be honest, I’m not sure who to blame for this one. I think it was Bec, in conjunction with Car (c’mon, like THAT surprises anyone). Apparently a few of us thought we wanted a new bag, and so the EQ Bag Challenge/Sewalong was born. No deadlines or rules – just make a bag and encourage each other along. And […]