A little problem.

Madam Butterfly has been toilet trained for a while now. Which is many different kinds of awesome, except for in the pants-fitting-department, with most things her size designed to still be accomodating nappies. The poor little thing has a pile of pants that are either the right length but too big around the backside, or fit nicely at the waist, […]

a new friend.

Part of my “catching up with real life” plan now I’m feeling well, includes tackling the Room of Doom. AKA, my studio. It’s in a baaaad way. I’m currently half way through clearing off the space formerly known as my desk, and have even managed to liberate my sewing machine. In amongst the piles of, uh, creatively stored craft supplies, […]

Bloggers Boogie :: Kylie’s P&P challenge edition

I’m boogeying with a few tracks that I’ve favourited listening to Lizzie Bennet Diaries fanmixes over on 8tracks. HOW TO BOOGIE: Blog up to five songs. Any theme. Any reason. Doesn’t matter. You decide. Or if you have done a music post during the week, add your link as well! The more tunes the merrier. The linky is open from […]

wordless wednesday

  It’s raining. Butterfly is unwell. We are snuggling under blankies and watching movies in pillow piles. We’ve baked a cake. The smell of dinner in the slow cooker wafts out from the kitchen. A spot of work to finalise and then some secret squirrel crafting. No point fighting the winter, instead we’ll hunker down and make the most of […]

I’m not to blame.

I swear. Despite what everyone seems to think. Kylie is blaming Car. Car’s blaming me. Me? I’m blaming Skip. You see. It all started when Skip went bananas on Goodreads, shelving a heap of Pride and Prejudice follow on novels. Which lead to a discussion about the validity of fanfiction as opposed to the source materials. The general consensus seemed […]

Bloggers Boogie :: Trapped Inside

Ok, well, if we are being honest, it’s actually not a bad day to be trapped inside. The sun is shining, but the wind is biting today, a not-so-subtle reminder that winter is very very close. So at least I don’t feel too sad being chained to my computer getting some work done. Today’s boogie is just a mix of […]

how Miss Dove got her groove back.

  It seems my crafty mojo has started creeping back. The day before last, I made a long overdue start on tidying my studio. I didn’t get very fair, but that 15 minute spurt was enough to get me inspired. Yesterday, I set Boy2 up on my computer for his Reading Eggs lesson, and instead of settling in the doorway […]


My “want to make” list, that is! The delightful Miss Bee offered me up a couple of patterns that she didn’t need anymore, that I was glad to take off her hands – the two very cute Make It Perfect patterns shown above. First on my list is the Uptown Girl jacket, and I managed some window shopping yesterday over […]